I Need More Life In My Life

Month 3: Progress update

Does anyone older than ten count their age in quarters and halves? Because this year, I do. I’m 29 and a third TODAY which leaves exactly 8 months until my 30th birthday.

If you read my previous post, you’ll know June wasn’t the best goal-wise. Thankfully, goal progress has made a comeback this month. So far, I’ve either completed or am in the process of completing 15 of my 30 goals. Bosh.

What’s going well

I’ve been particularly loving skateboarding and running this month. I’ve worked on them most consistently since I started so it’s probably no surprise they’ve seen the greatest progress.

I can’t believe I’m saying that about running. I always told myself I hate it but I’m learning to love it. I’m amazed at the improvement and love being out super early in the mornings when it’s peaceful. Training for the Great South Run (10 miles/16k) needs to pick up a bit but I’ve signed up for the Park Run over summer as added motivation and accountability.

Skateboarding has also been so. much. fun. A few of us all go out together and either learn to skateboard, rollerblade or roller skate. There’s still a long way to go but we recently graduated to practicing next to the skate park in Northampton. Last weekend we unintentionally rolled (literally) up to the skate park’s 10 year anniversary party but those ramps aren’t ready for us yet.

I’ve been enjoying pitching and writing magazine articles, reading and meditating too. I’m working on being more consistent with all three but they’ve been progressing steadily in the background. I’ve definitely noticed the difference that meditating each day is making and it’s good to have an ‘excuse’ to read so much.

I also ticked off wild swimming just over a week ago at the Falcon Hotel in Castle Ashby. It was during the heatwave so the water was incredibly warm and I absolutely loved it. I’m going back next week and I’m nervous it’ll be really cold but that is literally the point of a cold water swim.

What’s ongoing

A few of the goals are year-long (or longer) which, in hindsight, isn’t my favourite thing! I love to tick things off my to-do list and I just can’t with some of these… yet. I’ll have to set more interim targets to keep me focused in the meantime.

I’m writing this in a coffee shop drinking un cappuccino which is pretty much the extent of my progress learning Italian. Ok, I’ve got further than that but there’s a long way to go. My original plan was to learn some of the basic language and grammar myself before taking a course or hiring a tutor but I might flip that plan if I don’t make regular progress in the next couple of months.

Having a daily cold shower and a proper clutter clear out are also both ongoing. It’s definitely easier on warmer days but I’m well-trained at turning the water cold and I’m noticing a difference. It’s shown me I’m capable of pushing myself more often and I feel better in myself, although it’s slightly tricky to separate that from other changes I’ve made (running, Pilates, better sleep routine etc.).

I’m no hoarder but good lord am I excited to carry on clearing out clutter. It might seem like a simple goal but it makes such a difference to how I feel. Having a clear out is my idea of a good time but I’m also not immune to a little nostalgia. That skirt I haven’t worn in 5 years that twists around when I walk? That special pebble I picked up on the beach in um, where was it? Back into the cupboards they go.

I’m working on it, their time will come.

Where I’m focusing next

For the remaining 8 months I have the other 15 goals I haven’t properly focused on yet to keep me busy.

They’re all always in the back of my mind and there are lots of things I’m researching and mulling over. I’ve been looking into TV extra roles, mentoring opportunities, public speaking classes and silent retreats, and also been learning more about investing and ways to improve eye health. Nothing is concrete yet but there’s been some progress.

Some others, particularly book writing, are longer term projects that I’m not keen to rush into at the moment. Again, it’s something I’m thinking about and looking into but I’m happy taking my time with it for now. Watch this space…

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