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Boost energy instantly with four quick, free and natural techniques

At school we learn about the different systems in our bodies (such as the respiratory or digestive systems). One we don’t hear about is our energy system which we can tap into to boost energy instantly.

Our energy flows in certain patterns. For us to be well, it should flow freely without being restricted by blockages (often caused by stress or injury).

As with our other body systems, everything is connected so any kind of blockage will hinder the rest of the system. This also means that when you resolve an issue in one place, it positively impacts the rest of the system too.

There are some ‘master’ points that we can tap into to profoundly influence our energy system. By stimulating them, we ensure better flow around the body which boosts energy instantly.

1. Stimulating the K27 meridian points

Part of our body’s energy system is made up of a network of energy lines called meridians. They’re the channels through which our energy moves and there are 14 meridians in the body. They typically relate to the organ they feed into in the body, for example there are spleen, kidney and lung meridians.

‘K27’ refers to the 27th and end points along the kidney meridian. To locate them, find the two central points of your collar bone then move your fingers down a little and slightly apart from each other until you feel them rest into a ‘dip’ in your chest.

When you first start pressing these points, they could be painful immediately or you might feel absolutely nothing. Either way, keep poking! Painful points are a sign that you need to keep stimulating them to help bring your energy back into balance. Repeating this regularly will help any pain to reduce but only do what is comfortable for you.

Feeling nothing likely means that the points have become ‘submerged’. If your body has been out of balance for a long time, it will need retraining in this pattern.

Regularly pressing, tapping or massaging these points will help the free flow of energy around your whole system and will result in increased energy, vitality and focus, as well as boosting the immune system.

2. Thumping the thymus gland

While not part of the meridian system, the thymus gland is another important point to know to boost energy instantly. Again, you can tap, press or massage this point.

In addition, it’s powerful for enhancing the immune system and fighting disease and increasing feelings of strength and vitality. It’s also effective if you’ve received shocking news or want to relieve stress.

It can be found in the middle of the sternum.

3. Crossing our energy over

As well as flowing along meridians, energy also crosses from the left side of our brains to the right side of our bodies and from the right side of the brain to the left side of our bodies. Imagine an X on your body running diagonally downwards from each shoulder, crossing in the middle to finish at the opposite foot.

This is what our energy should do when we’re in good health. However, daily stresses make it common for our energy to run straight up and down each side of the body without crossing over. Fortunately, it’s simple to re-train.

Either standing or sitting, bring your right knee and left elbow towards each other in front of your body. Then, repeat on the other side lifting your left knee to meet your right elbow. It should look like a more exaggerated version of walking. Incidentally, this is something we all naturally and unconsciously do which reinforces the pattern. If our hands are free, we’ll swing one arm forward as the opposite leg also takes a step.

Doing this exercise helps brain function by balancing the right and left sides of the brain and body. It also helps enhance coordination, bring your body back into balance and boost energy instantly.

4. ‘Zipping up’ our energy

When it’s cold outside and your coat isn’t zipped up, your body is left vulnerable to the outside elements. It’s similar with our energy which, if left ‘unzipped’ is unprotected from external influences.

Zipping up helps to ‘lock in’ our energy, protect us from the environment and energy around, boost confidence and clear mental clutter.

To do this, we need to trace our Central meridian which runs up the front of our bodies. Using both hands, start at the pubic bone (this is the level your hands naturally reach if you let them hang loosely in front of you) and trace a line directly up the body until you reach your bottom lip. That’s it!

We can also zip up the back of the body, following Governing meridian, to protect our energy from behind. Starting at the base of the spine, move your hand up the spine as far as you can reach. When you can’t go any further, reach over your shoulder and continue moving up the spine from above. At the top of the spine, continue over your head and down your face until you reach your top lip. Intention is important here so it doesn’t matter if you can’t physically trace the whole way up your back. Just know that you’re zipping up by tracing your Governing meridian and the energy will follow.

So there you have four simple, quick techniques to get your energy running the correct way. They’re best done in the morning to help set you up for the day but repeating them as often as you think of them will help re-train your body more quickly to these patterns of wellbeing and help you feel positive, alert and confident through the day.